The benefits of reviewing your Pension

The benefits of reviewing your Pension

Is your pension performing the best it possibly can for you?

Do you remember the last time you checked on how your pension is performing? Failing to carry out regular reviews on your pension performance could mean you’re missing out. You may even discover that your pension scheme is no longer able to provide you with that comfortable retirement that you were looking forward to.

If you are currently paying into a personal pension scheme or have contributed to either a personal pension or even a money purchase scheme offered by a previous employer in the past, a pension review can be immensely beneficial. One of the factors to investigate when undertaking a pension review are the charges involved. The charges incorporated on some of the “older style” plans are much higher than their modern equivalents, so having a review will reveal what effect these charges are having on your total pension value.

Many people pay into pensions for years, sometimes their whole lives and have no idea how hard their money is working for them. Some clients aren’t even sure what type products they have holdings in and what element of risk is associated to them.

Pension Reviews

Here at Heritage we provide an objective assessment of your pension products and advise you exactly where you stand and how your pension is actually performing. If we find that your current plan is performing well and meeting your current requirements and expectations, it may well be a case of staying as you are. However, if we feel it would be financially beneficial to you by transferring your pension to another scheme, we’ll make a recommendation for a more suitable product and clearly explain the benefits and expected outcomes in order to help you make a more informed decision.