Benefits of using a Mortgage Adviser

Benefits of using a Mortgage Adviser

Why use a Mortgage Adviser?

Mortgage Advisers can often add value along with smoothing the process in purchasing a property. However, many still have reservations surrounding the true benefits a qualified and experienced mortgage advisers can bring to the table.

  • Mortgage Advisers have a duty of care to provide you with the best mortgage deal suitable for you. They will look at your income and affordability, as well your liabilities in order to establish the right mortgage for you.


  • They often have access to better deals that cannot be received by private individuals. They can also provide a whole of market search to ensure they supply you with the appropriate deal.


  • Mortgage Advisers must be qualified to give advice as it is much more complex than finding the cheapest fixed rate or tracker rate mortgage. Therefore, with the qualifications and knowledge they have in regards to the industry, it can give you the peace of mind that the mortgage applied for you is the best available for your individual objectives and needs.


  • As well as determining the best deal suitable for you, they will also advise you with any insurance that could be useful, whether it be buildings & contents insurance or decreasing term insurance. When working with a mortgage adviser, it is always useful to ask them about life insurance as they can determine whether you would benefit from it based on your circumstances.


  • Mortgage Advisers don’t always charge an advice fee; they can often receive commission straight from the lender due to introducing an individual to their deal. Therefore, getting help from a mortgage adviser doesn’t always cost you money.


  • Lastly, mortgage advisers often complete most of the paper work for you; this initially leaves you with less hassle and can speed up the process. They also can have strong relationships with local estate agencies and solicitors which can further speed up the process, along with potentially reducing your costs.

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