What is Wealth Management?

Whatever the source of your wealth, you’ll want to ensure that it is managed so that you can enjoy it to the full during your lifetime, whilst preserving or enhancing it for the benefit of future generations.

We bring together specialists in the fields of financial planning, investment, taxation and trust law to develop a long term investment strategy which is tailored to your individual circumstances and financial goals.

The financial strategy recommended will vary considerably depending on your age, assets, anticipated future earnings, income requirements and dependants. It will be underpinned by the four key objectives of our wealth management services:

1. Protecting Your Wealth

Wealth protection doesn’t mean avoiding risk; it means understanding and managing risk to achieve an appropriate balance between financial risk and reward. Wealthier investors have access to a range of additional investment opportunities, which can be used to diversify your investments and reduce risk.

2. Enjoying Your Wealth

Your financial requirements will vary considerably at different stages of your working life, after you retire and, perhaps, if you require long term care. We will go to great lengths to make sure that we fully understand your financial needs and aspirations and your attitude to risk, before developing your personal wealth management plan.

3. Enhancing Your Wealth

Inflation, taxation and under-performing investments will all erode the real value of your wealth over time. Our wealth managers are experienced at choosing the right mix of investments to achieve the balance between the income and capital growth you require, while minimising the amount of income tax and capital gains tax that you pay.

4. Passing On Your Wealth

The final element of wealth management is Inheritance Tax (IHT) or estate planning. Our wealth management team is experienced in guiding clients through the complexities of investing in IHT exempt (or partially exempt) assets and using lifetime gifts, trusts and charitable foundations to minimise the amount of IHT due on their estates.

Our wealth management clients come from many different backgrounds: business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and those who have inherited wealth.

While we aren’t prescriptive about a required level of assets or income for prospective clients, those who have substantial sums to invest, or who enjoy a significant level of income, derive most benefit from the specialist investment, taxation and trust advice that our wealth management service offers.