If you have accepted a post abroad and have decided to rent out your existing property, or you’re looking to buy before you return home, major lenders can be hard to engage. Some may refuse to give consent for an expat mortgage and others may offer you a buy-to-let option at a higher rate than the standard variable you were expecting.

Heritage Financial Solutions Ltd are experts in helping clients to arrange good value expat mortgages. We typically work with smaller building societies and private banks who we know could be willing to offer expat mortgages at competitive rates, and can complete within the timescale pressures you may be under.


Expat mortgages fall into two categories; People who are about to move abroad and wish to retain their property here – usually to rent out, and people who are currently living abroad and are planning to return home at some point in the future.

Many of the major lenders are less inclined to support non-standard mortgage lending these days – and that includes expat mortgages. Many are also unable to work at the speed or at a convenient time to match your international lifestyle.