It is now possible to spend a third of your lifetime in retirement. Using good Pension Specialists will not only help you to enjoy your retirement, but it could also enable you to leave a legacy for future generations.

If you are about to start saving towards your retirement, then pension advice will help you to establish how much you will need and by when. We will also take into account your circumstances and future aspirations. With an understanding of how much you need to save, you can then begin to explore the most appropriate way to do it.

Free no obligation pension review

If you live in the North West, then Maximise your pension and retirement planning with a free pension review. Our pension experts can help in a range of areas, from unlocking your pension to transferring to a better deal. Simply get in touch below:

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Why have a Pension Review?

  • Can you reduce your charges? – Over the last 20 years, pension products have developed greatly and one change is that much lower charges exist with modern day pensions, which could impact on the size of your pension pot at retirement.
  • Has your attitude to risk changed? – You should undertake an assessment of your appetite to risk on a regular basis, normally at least every two years. Your investment funds should then be aligned to match your appetite to risk.
  • How much could you retire on? – Unless you review your pensions regularly, it is unlikely that you will have an idea of how much income you could expect to receive from your pension funds or the state pension when you retire.
  • Are you getting ongoing advice? – Ongoing advice is crucial to delivering the best outcomes at retirement – without a plan and the monitoring of that plan, your chances of a happy retirement could be limited.
  • The State Pension is most unlikely to be sufficient – Finally, there is no doubt that the Basic Old Age pension will not be sufficient to maintain our lifestyle and keep us out of poverty. Indeed some people think that they may never receive a state pension.
  • No Obligation Pension Review – Once we’ve provided you with a recommendation report, produced by one of our pension specialists, there is no obligation to accept the advice.

Independent Pension Specialists

The range of pension advice solutions may include different savings vehicles, such as Personal Pension Plans, Stakeholder Pension Plans, Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs), Occupational Schemes or other savings routes such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Once a vehicle has been selected, we can identify the most appropriate investments to be held within the plan, taking into account your investment experience, risk tolerance and desire for investment control.

If you have already started saving or are still in the process of accumulating funds you may have built up retirement savings in different arrangements over the years, particularly if you have changed jobs or employment status. You may, therefore, require our support to explore the potential benefits of changing or amalgamating any existing plans.

If you are approaching the point at which you wish to start taking benefits from your retirement savings or have already begun to take benefits we can help to guide you through your planning options and/or manage any ongoing arrangements. This stage may include the use of:

- Tax-free cash
– Annuity purchase (including Open Market Option)
– Fixed Term Annuities
– Impaired Life Annuities (due to particular health problems)
– Enhanced Annuities (based on lifestyle factors such as smoking)
– Drawdown
– Phased Retirement

We believe pension advice really can be straight forward and worth while. We have helped hundreds of retirement clients achieve their goals. Contact one of our pension specialist today to do the same.